Stories of Hope

A Homey Homie Christmas

Who receives the gift?  Volunteers help men pick out pants, shirts, belts, socks, underwear, scarves, knit hats, gloves, jackets, and shoes, while volunteers ... more

Baby J’s first Christmas

Wherever you are tonight Baby J, may you be housed in the Love that will not let go. more

Saving Support

"God saved my life, through CCLM". -Robert, Supportive Housing resident more

Where Am I Going to Sleep? And Eat?

"Two things that matter most when you are out on the street: Where am I going to sleep? Where am I going to get my first meal? ... This place gives you those things, takes them off of your shoulders. And then you can start building your life again." - Rick, describing the typical experience of a shelter resident (pictured). more

Care & Confidence

"That shows you that people care, people have faith in what you can do." - Rick (resident worker, shelter case management & Re-entry house) more