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CA New Chaptered Homeless Laws

Three new laws affecting the homeless (effective at different dates) were chaptered into law in California at the end of September 2014. AB 1733 (Quirk-Silva) – Public Records: Fee Waiver 1) Require the DMV to issue, without a fee, an identification card (an original or replacement card)  to an applicant who certifies that he or she is a homeless person or homeless youth. 2) Requires the county registrar or recorder to issue, without a fee, a birth certificate to an applicant who certifies that he or she is a homeless person or homeless youth. AB 1806 (Bloom) – Pupil Services: Homeless Children & Youth 1) Notify the school’s ...

Where Am I Going to Sleep? And Eat?

"Two things that matter most when you are out on the street: Where am I going to sleep? Where am I going to get my first meal? ... This place gives you those things, takes them off of your shoulders. And then you can start building your life again." - Rick, describing the typical experience of a shelter resident (pictured).

Care & Confidence

"That shows you that people care, people have faith in what you can do." - Rick (resident worker, shelter case management & Re-entry house)

New CCLM Web Page!

Welcome to CCLM's new website.  We hope this new format is simpler for you.  It will be simpler for us to maintain and is supposed to be friendly to all you on mobile devices out there.  We still have testing to do on that. A note on new features:   The Resources menu item is intended for community members seeking assistance for themselves or others.  Here are the many lists to which CCLM refers our visitors, homeless residents, and others looking for access to food, shelter, social or government services, and some links for getting employment or benefits.  It will be a continuous work in progress with CCLM's Case Management program. ...

Are You Ever Truly Released From Prison?

Publication: Are You Ever Truly Released From Prison? by Rev. David Nagler, Pastor,CEO, CCLM Written: 11/26/2013 "...This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to do for those released from prison. We are to see them as human beings created in God's very image and then, by acts of love, restore them to our community. We are to speak out against policies and practices that dehumanize the formerly incarcerated and thereby increase the likelihood of their reoffending. We are to name and exorcize the demon of fear that creates a rationale for draconian laws that promote retribution instead of rehabilitation."