Baby J’s first Christmas

Dear Baby J,

As the fall night air gets colder, I think of you and your Mom and Dad. They came to our Mission one evening around Thanksgiving.

Oh they loved you already! Yes you were still inside your Mom but only for about 2 more months. Your Dad was a little worried about you and your Mom but he was strong and was set on taking care of you both. He was also smart. He came and asked for help.

See they were sleeping on the street.

I wonder where you are sleeping now, Baby J.

Your Dad could have stayed at the Mission, been warm and gotten regular showers and meals. But we could not give your Mom those things. For sleeping, it is all guys here. So we could not provide shelter for your family.

It was too late in the day to reach places for your Mom. Most were full anyway. We gave your Mom and Dad some other ideas. But even the family shelters would not let your Mom and Dad stay together. They were not married.   Once you were born, Baby J, those shelters would consider you all family. Your Mom and Dad chose the street rather than to let go of each other or you.

So we did what we could for them. Your Mom and Dad were really nice about it. They thanked us for letting your Mom clean up in a bathroom. And for a bag of food that they could carry with them, and a blanket. Oh, and some nice warm clothes and shoes.

Baby J, it was really cold outside and your Mom was running around in only sandals! Her poor cold toes! She will never let you do that!

So, away you all went together into a cold night. We were grateful that we could help a little. But no one feels good sending a Mom expecting a baby out to sleep on the street.hands of mother and baby holding heart

We remembered your folks as “Mary and Joseph” after that. I hope they will tell you that story some day or take you to a Las Posadas. It will show you how much you have in common with another Baby.   Maybe you’ll hear that story this year, your first Christmas. Do not worry if you do not understand it all. No one fully does, and your family understands more than most.

Wherever you are tonight Baby J, may you be housed in the Love that will not let go.

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