New CCLM Web Page!

Welcome to CCLM’s new website.  We hope this new format is simpler for you.  It will be simpler for us to maintain and is supposed to be friendly to all you on mobile devices out there.  We still have testing to do on that.

A note on new features:   The Resources menu item is intended for community members seeking assistance for themselves or others.  Here are the many lists to which CCLM refers our visitors, homeless residents, and others looking for access to food, shelter, social or government services, and some links for getting employment or benefits.  It will be a continuous work in progress with CCLM’s Case Management program.

We’re starting up these new pages without everything in place and without the intention of putting everything on this new set of pages that was on the old one.  You can be  very helpful to us during this transition:  If you are looking for something and don’t find it, or do eventually, but it seems buried to you, please email  We’ll get you any missing information you seek, and it will give us a far better idea of what needs to be more clearly available.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a few precious minutes with us.

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