Reentry House

What We Do

Wartburg Hall is home to the CalState Reentry Initiative (CSRI) students who are going through reentry from previous incarceration. CCLM is under contract with CSRI to provide meals, housing, and a night housing manager.

What is Reentry?

Reentry programs include temporary housing, job retraining, case management, and other forms of support, to help formerly incarcerated individuals in their transition. These programs significantly reduce the likelihood of an individual reoffending.  While the CSRI house is specifically oriented to the formerly incarcerated, other CCLM housing, feeding, educational, and health programs also serve reentry populations. See Reentry Services

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Individuals wanting to help a person return home can:

  • Support spouses and children of incarcerated individuals financially and emotionally.
  • Offer housing, employment, job training, and education opportunities upon release.
  • Help an individual access medicine and health care, substance abuse treatment, child care, identification, transportation, and emergency funds.
  • Act on Helping Former Prisoners Return to Communities (Annie E. Casey Foundation)