Hope | Heal | Empower

Central City Lutheran Mission (CCLM) exists to bring hope, healing, and empowerment to each client, volunteer, resident, donor, staff member, or other community member we encounter.

The problems we address through our programs could be clustered around the word “poverty” – homelessness, hunger, lack of adequate educational opportunity, and lack of medical care.

CCLM logo

CCLM logo

What every person comes to CCLM needing is… hope, healing, and empowerment.  That’s rich and poor alike. Donors and recipients. Teachers and students. Staff and clients. Our logo pictures men and women in a sacred flowing circle of mutual giving and receiving. In balance. In harmony.  Hope comes in the form of hot meals, food bags, shelter & a shower, clothing, an aerobics class, sewing coop, or home and support program, and a place for kids come to study, eat, and play after school.

Hope also comes by being one of the many people involved in providing this comfort.  Our homeless men from the emergency shelter help bag the food for grocery distribution for neighborhood families, and unload donations for the kitchen and thrift store. The transitional house men work in the garden, the computer lab, the thrift store, and in maintaining the grounds. The neighborhood women in the sewing group made the pillows used in contemplative prayer.

Our model of mission is that “charity”- acts of love and generosity,  go hand in hand with “justice”- acts of empowerment. That is, each of us in the community is an individual with dignity. Each of us yearns for the same sense of giving and receiving, of using our skills and having those appreciated, of growing, healing, and having hope for a better future.

Our work at CCLM is designed not only to address emergency and desperate conditions facing disadvantaged populations, but also to help create the conditions for physical, mental, and spiritual health, deep and abiding hope, and sustainable empowerment through education and self-determination for all in this community.

As we work together at CCLM to address the complex issues of poverty in San Bernardino, we expect that each person bring with their acts of charity, an attitude of respect and a foundation of justice and to be open to receiving as well as giving, to being changed as well as to helping change circumstances. Mutual transformation is the goal of our work.