General Help

Here is guidance and resources for individuals struggling with poverty to obtain general direction, identification, benefits, employment, housing, legal services, and education.

2-1-1  is a social services referral system with generalists who will look up registered agencies by location and service.  Ask for the service you seek in each community you are considering.  2-1-1 also has specialists for veterans and formerly incarcerated individuals(reentry).  Contact by:

  1. Dial 2-1-1.
  2. Search online at
  3. Use 211 Resource Search Tool 

You might also contact a local faith-based organization or Catholic Charities: 1450 North “D” St, San Bernardino, CA 92405; (909) 388-1239.

San Bernardino Access Center, 247 E. 7th St, San Bernardino, CA  92410, (909) 888-4800.  Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm.  At Seccombe Lake – enter off 5th Street just west of Waterman.

Online links to shelter, food, substance abuse, veteran, and other resource directories in the San Bernardino area:

The following lists in pdf form are based on CCLM’s inquiries of food and service providers in and around San Bernardino:



Find a Lifeline Cell Phone or Home Phone Service Provider
State of California Lifeline Phone Program Eligibility


Three forms of identification are critical for applying for work, benefits, and housing  (See article The Trifecta of Identification)

  1. CA ID or Driver’s License,
  2. Social Security Card, and
  3. Birth Certificate.

CA ID or Driver’s License

In California, a CA ID or Driver’s License is essential.  If your fingerprint is currently in the system, or you have an expired CA ID, or you have another government-issued photo ID, you may be able to get your CA ID by going to the DMV.    It is much easier to work with the DMV by making an appointment.

San Bernardino Office: 1310 N. Waterman Avenue, San Bernardino, 92404, (800) 777-0133

CA ID:  Apply for Reduced Fee ID Card – clients of CCLM can get a Reduced Fee Waiver for the CA ID card from their case manager.  Many agencies have fee waiver forms.  Consult an agency familiar with the income level of the individual.  Note: In 2015, a new law AB 1733  eliminates the fee for CA birth records for qualified homeless individuals  as of July 1, 2015 and the fee for the CA ID for homeless individuals as of Jan 1, 2016.  Notary fees may still apply if you can’t appear in person.  Check with your local homeless provider.

To get your CA Drivers License:

Social Security card:   Get copy of Social Security Card
605 N Arrowhead Ave., Suite 101, San Bernardino, California 92401. Phone: (800) 772-1213
Having an out of state ID, an ID without a photo, or having no ID may require you to acquire your birth certificate.

Birth Certificates:  In whatever State and/or County you were born, there will be an office responsible for vital , records (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees).  The office is usually called Vital Records or Recorders office.

In San Bernardino, it is the County of San Bernardino Recorder Clerk.
In Los Angeles County, it is Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.

Usually a Google search for the County name and the type of record will result in finding the application forms and procedures that you need.  Note: Some agencies require a form of ID in order to request your Birth Certificate, and some require a notary public to certify your identity, which can require another form of identification.


Employment Links


Looking for rentals:

Housing Programs:  Do I qualify for special programs based on health, disability, age, legal, or vet status?
Rapid Rehousing for San Bernardino City residents:  San Bernardino Access Center, 247 E. 7th St, San Bernardino, CA  92410, (909) 888-4800.  Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.

San Bernardino County (SBCO) Agencies

Senior Housing

Shelter (Please see complete lists of Mens Shelter List and Women Children Youth Families Shelter List)

Sober Living

Transitional Housing

  • New Hope Village, 203 W Fredricks, Barstow, CA, 92311, (760) 256-1900
  • Victor Valley Rescue Mission, 16857 C Street, Victorville, CA 92395-3220, (760) 955-5958

Veteran Resources

Veteran Information


Legal Services


  • Obtaining Critical Documents for Reentry
  • Probationers:  Significant assistance & resources are available through the San Bernardino County Probation Day Reporting Center: 524 N Mountain View Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92415  (909) 889-0909
  • Call 2-1-1 and speak to a re-entry specialist.

Resources in Los Angeles